Posted by: davestrom | April 24, 2010

Another post for Bill Belew’s workshop. Links.

Blogging Picture

Bill wants us to write another post, and likely have links back. Like Bill Belew Blogging Workshop. And you should open in a new window so people do NOT leave your website! I guess I should write a little more.

Here is an internal link to my previous post.

This opening-weblink-in-new-window is an HTML question that some companies will ask in phone interviews, by the way. I know, because I have been asked.

Bill says it is a good idea to get about 150 words per blog post. So that will be my target. Better than 140 Twitter characters. Really, the only use I have gotten out of Twitter is to say that I am doing an open mic reading. It takes me more than 140 characters to produce real content. Maybe I can tweet short expressions of some type, relating to my book.

Bill had us insert an image.

Posted by: davestrom | April 24, 2010

Bill Belew’s blog workshop: getting hits and making money

I intend to use a WordPress blog/website to promote my novel. So I am in Bill Belew’s blogging workshop. He has run through the beginnings of creating a WordPress blog.

Not Elvis Presley’s Bill Belew, but the blogging Bill Belew. This Bill does blogs on several topics: Christianity, China, cricket, and other Bill stuff. He pays his mortgage with the money he makes blogging.

I would like to make money also, but I would need topics to write about that people would want to read. Have to relate that to my novel. I might continue to use this blog, or I might choose a URL that is targeted more directly to my book.

Now, why haven’t I done this sooner? I hope we get to the making money part today (well, we still got a lot of time).

I am curious about how this compares to Facebook and the like. Well, unlike Facebook, I assume I do not have to keep inviting friends into the blog.

Anyhow, I want to make money like Bill does. Except he posts about 15 times a day! I will have to think about THAT! Just how often do I want to post!

OK, I put in a picture of my reading from my novel at a South Bay Writer’s Club Open Mic. Impressive, huh?

Posted by: davestrom | April 24, 2010

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!